DIY Shoe decorating idea (Make a unique footwear collection)

DIY Shoe decorating idea (Make a unique footwear collection)

Do you have just a basic collection of footwear and you find it harder whenever you choose footwear for your outfit? Or are you bored with the existing ones? Well, in the next 10 minutes we will be giving 10 amazing ideas to transform your footwear from basic to amphiprotic! These 10 DIY shoe decorating ideas will sweep through every footwear type that you have and it will be a very creative and fun journey of their transformation. So let’s see what we have got here for you!

10 DIY shoe decorating ideas

1. Textile paint on shoes

White sneakers go with anything and that makes it the footwear which everyone must have!

Grab a white sneaker and get ready to transform them.

  1. Take some 3-4 colors of textile paint.
  2.  Apply some masking tape over the soul part of the shoe so that the color won’t spill over there.
  3. Take a sponge and dip that in one color, say blue. Apply color on one area of the shoe symmetrically on both sides.
  4. Then take another sponge and sip that in another color say, pink. Apply pink color in the area same in size as the one before and continue the same thing for 3-4 colors.
  5.  Remove the masking tape that you had applied before and keep it for drying.

After drying you will be able to see a whole new pair of sneakers in front of you. Did you buy it giving a handful of money? No! you just had some fun and made your stylish footwear. You can do it in whatever design you wish. One of them can be:-

Textile paint on shoes

2. Make it all slaying Denim

Denim is all our favorite right? We are obsessed with denim-like nothing else. How about pairing your cool denim jackets or denim pants with the coolest denim shoes?

  1. Take old denim jeans and cut them according to the measurement of your shoes.
  2. Apply a good amount of glue on the shoe surface through a glue gun.
  3. Make sure the cloth sticks on the surface of the shoe very well on all sides.
  4. Take a pretty white lace and wrap it around the shoe surface over the soul side.

And you’re done!

ake it all slaying Denim!

3. Shine with your shiny-shiny shoes

 You are going to a party and you have a very beautiful dress which makes you glitter even more. And now you plan to pair it with a decent but comfortable pair of footwear. But you don’t have one! Well, let’s see a quick thing to transform your simple sober shoes into those awesome glittery ones!

  1. Take some textile glue and apply it to your shoes thoroughly.
  2. Keep the glitter along with you and start sprinkling it.
  3. Make sure to spread it evenly before the glue dries.
  4. Remove the excess glitter and keep it for 5 minutes.

And you’re done!

Shine with your shiny-shiny shoes!

4. Bring colors to your shoes

Remember when you used to color your drawing sheets? Well, this time, let us make your shoes your drawing sheets. Grab your sketch pen and let’s see what we can do!

  1. Take your white sneakers and a packet of sketch pens.
  2. Color your sneakers in different colors in the combination you like.
  3. It might look messy initially but trust me it’s all worth it.
  4. Take some alcohol and drop it on the colors and see how they get all dissolved and clean.
  5. Do it all on your shoes.

You’re ready with your new colorful pair of footwear!

Bring colors to your shoes!

5. Funky go-with-casuals

You just want to hang out with your friends on weekend and you are done with your regular outfits. Let’s see how you can make it interesting super quickly!

  1. Take your pair of shoes.
  2. Grab some colorful stickers from your collection and a scissor.
  3. Cut them as you wish and start pasting them on the shoe surface.
  4. Keep doing it until your shoe is filled with them.

Now you have a super funky pair of shoes to pair with anything!

Funky go-with-casuals

6. Bring colorful checks on your shoes

Life is beautiful when it’s colorful right? We have seen how colorful shoes can be made from old simple ones. Here’s a trick for all of you!

  1. Take a netted cloth and wrap it around your shoes.
  2. Apply some textile color to your shoes and let them dry.
  3. Remove the net after drying and you will see beautiful checked color boxes.
Bring colorful checks on your shoes

7. Make any pattern on your shoes

Are you crazy about stars? Or you like circles? Or are you a rectangle person?

Well, whatever it is, you can have your little shapes in your shoes.

  1. Choose your favorite shape and cut the one-sided gluing paper into those shapes in small pieces.
  2. Stick it all over your shoes randomly.
  3. Take some textile paint and color all your shoes.
  4. Let it dry and remove the shapes that you had stick to it.
  5. You have a beautiful pattern with your favorite shape right there!
Make any pattern on your shoes

8. Pearls over them

Just the way you decorate your clothes, this time it’s your shoes. You must-have pieces of some broken jewelry. Let’s use them on shoes.

  1. Take a pair of your shoes and some pearl from your old jewelry.
  2. Apply a little glue-gun on each pearl and keep sticking them on your shoes in a pattern you like.
  3. Let it dry for some time and here it is!
 Pearls over them

9. Basic mono colors with attractive fronts

What if you need a monocolour shoe pair for a sober look? We have something for you also!

  1. Take a pair of shoes and cover its front part with gluing paper.
  2. Use textile colors to color the whole shoe except for the front part.
  3. Remove the paper from the front and apply some glitter or another color according to your wish.

And here you have a beautiful pair of shoes.

Basic mono colors with attractive fronts

10. Furry winter look shoes

Winter is lovely weather and also the weather to dress completely. The footwear can also give a push to your overall winter look. Let’s see how!

  1. Take a pair of shoes and your old furry sweater.
  2. Cut your sweater into small strips according to the size of your shoes.
  3. Apply glue-gun on strips and start sticking it on the surface of your shoes.
  4. Let it dry and your winter look footwear is ready!
Furry winter look shoes


If you love to dress and also to design it by yourself, if you are a creative person and want to give your look that X-factor, DIY is the best thing you can do. The old clothes, the old shoes can be transformed into the brand new one with little tricks. Here we have tried to collect some amazing DIY ideas for you to transform your old shoes into brand new ones. You must try these and see what kind of wonders do you hold!


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