Meaning of PP (Per procuration) Signature at the bottom of a business letter

Meaning of PP (Per procuration) Signature at the bottom of a business letter

Many companies in the world are having multiple signatures throughout the day to receive government projects in development and exposure. For this, they have used an alternative method so that the President of the company could not get trouble Many times in a day. If any company is about to send so many letters to the government Related to any kind of service like agriculture or Wenders Or any kind of client services, then the document will be signed by the person on behalf rather than the main president of the company. This is simply known as The PP signature at the bottom of a business letter.

Signing on someone’s else behalf

Rather than being signed personally, the letter is signed by the other person who has been provided with the authority to sign it on behalf of the President of the company. Though the situation is not feasible for any kinds of possibilities, it gets fluctuated between the understandings of the office and the firm. This whole process is prepared in such a way that any third-party of the respected firm can be provided in authority to sign the documents to clear the process.

Simple corresponding signatures

These are a kind of signature which can be done on some kind of document. There are so many situations when you have to put a simple notice or the same notice to different kind of client and customers. For this, you cannot trouble the President of the company. To save this time end authority, there is a concept of PP simple corresponding signatures which can be done on behalf of the President by any third person of the office which can be given an authority to Sign all the documents in the name of the president. In this way, the document will be legal and official and also the President of the company would not get trouble. This is the best and simple method which can be used to where did it all the documents in the name of president and company. The sign should be made To taking care Of something which can be made to legalise the documents made on the behalf of the company. In this way, you can save from the stamps and many other formalities which is required to legalise a document.

Procedure and methods

There is not a proper single method defined for performing this task because it is just an ordinary formality which can be done to validate any kind of documents from the company side. There are several methods which can be used to perform this procedure. You don’t need to put any other stamp or any kind of legal public notary on the document to validate the signature. It is just the understanding of the working people and coordinator client who will rectify the signature in the name of President.

To perform this task, when when you are preparing the document, you have to put a separate column in the bottom of the business document with an abbreviation p p before the signature. This abbreviation will when did it the signature in the name of President of the company because it will give a hint based on the assumption that a third person has been given the authority to sign the document on behalf of the President of the company. In this way, just by mentioning the to letter abbreviation before the signature, you can simply validate the business document which you are signing.

Power of attorney Signatures

There is another method of validating the signature in the name of another person which is known as the power of attorney signatures. It Will provide you with legal authority to make a signature in the name of others and you can use it wherever you want if the person has provided you with this authority. To perform this signature, you need to write initials POA after Your signature and you need to add “by” After the name of another person for which you are signing the document. In this way, the signature will be valid and then you can initiate the further process of the document.

This power of attorney is not given to everybody in the office but the person who does trust on you and is responsible for managing the company’s documentation can give you the authority to sign the documents in his name by the method of power of attorney signatures. These signs should not be misused in the name of the President of the company because there is a complete understanding of trust between both the third person and the admin. It can simply be performed by just properly signing the document.

Parents and Guardians Signatures

For any minor who is struggling to sign any business document if he is not of the age above 18, then on his behalf, his parents or guardians can do the signatures. Even in the case, the minor is not legally Liable to die documents, their parents can do it in a very simple way. They have the authority to control the decisions of the child and in this way, it is also legal to sign on behalf of their kids. Every parent is much aware of this fact that minors cannot legally sign the documentation of any kind of contract. For this, they need the help of their parents or any kind of Guardian Living with them. This parent and signature can be done on any kind of documentation such as banks accounts or it can also be any kind of agreement with the business company for their internships. If the validation is not appropriate from the minor side, then their parents or guardian can validate it by writing on behalf Of their children. For this, they need to add initial “on behalf of” Before the name of the child and then they will be able to sign the document. So this was the proper steps and suggestions which can be used to make any kind of document validate if the respected or relating person is not present there. Even if you cannot do signature for every document, then you can request him for the approval of power attorney so that he will not get any trouble in future.


There is nothing important above from the suggestions because all these suggestions have mentioned the proper and effective way to validate any documentation in the name of the first-person. Hence this kind of documentation of any business firm can be made valid by the interpretation of such information and initials. Apart from this, the documentation must include the proper and valid information regarding the plans and project.


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