10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone

10 Best Music Player Apps For Iphone

Music is all around us, it is there in the air and these are the lines of a crazy music freak who just cannot think of anything else except from beats, bass and treble. For such maniacs out there Apple has always been working and evolving music players and help them satisfy their love.

If you are also passionate about listening to you favorite tracks then you must read on and get yourself familiar with some of the best music players that the brand offers to make the users tap and groove and swing.

Are you a music lover? Do you love to groove on your favorite tracks all the time? Then the iphone has a blessing for you with the best music apps that deliver perfect sound quality.

Music is the most important part of our life. Being a music lover myself, I can say that I love to play songs when I cook, drive, bath, or study. I want my favorite tracks on even when I am sad or happy.

Though iPhone comes with a default player that helps you enjoy a decent speaker quality yet, if you feel it is not enough, you must switch to the other options available. These music apps can be downloaded easily and offer you crystal clear quality.

We understand that with several music player apps available online, it might be confusing to get your hands on the best one. We have gathered some of the best music players to help you enjoy the best sound with excellent add-on features.

Apple has always kept music as its top priority. The introduction of the iPod is one of the biggest examples of Apple considering music as a base. But suppose you love to enjoy listening to basic music. In that case, you can download the music players available and enjoy streaming to the tracks to love.

List Of 10 Best Music Player Apps For Iphone

Let us look at the ten best music player apps where you can get to enjoy the best quality music:

CS Music Player

This is one of the best music players for the iPhone for the ones who love to listen to their favorite tunes wherever they go. It has a clean interface and looks great. It delivers great quality and lets you control your libraries without any hassles.

It is considered as one of the best and clean apps that is available in a landscape mode. You can also get to enjoy changing themes. This app also offers you to enjoy the details of the artist’s names and the genres of the song.


If you love to listen to songs at a high-quality sound, then you must download this app. The app is loaded with excellent features and makes it easy for users to browse through the libraries. You can easily add up to the library and enjoy playing your favorite tracks back to back without any lag.

It offers a retina friendly look and also protects your eyes from the harmful rays. You can get to enjoy changing the songs with different gestures. You can easily control playing music with endless shuffle options.

Users can stream music via airplay and itunes.

Radsone High Res Player

This is one of the most loved and preferred music players on the iphone. It comes with the unique clear technology that delivers a great sound. The user interface is easy, and it also has several add on features. There are also several presets available for connecting the earphones and getting it connected to your car.

It supports basic swipe gestures and makes it easy for the user to listen to the sons and change them on the go without any hassles. You do not have to worry about digital compression when you download this music player.


This music player has been rated as the most versatile one for the iphone owners. You can easily play the files that have been downloaded directly without the need of syncing them to your media library. The music player supports multiple formats and can play music stored from different sources like google docs, cloud, one drive, DROPBOX, or MEGA.

The music player’s interface is very strong and allows the users to customize and equalize their songs. One of the best features of the music player is the facility to bookmark your songs. The users who have just opted for apple from android are in love with this because of its ease of use and flexibility.


Onkyo HF Player has been created to give you the best listening experience of high-resolution audio, which is accomplished by turning the sound based on headsets and models.

The HD Player Pack is available for better audio quality for $9.99, offering support for up to 24-bit and high-quality formats like FLAC, WAV, etc.

Although the player interface is very tiny and user friendly, it scores a lot when it comes to adapting, including a 10-band equalizer that allows you to download EQ presets based on the artists.

Apart from the Apple EarPods, the player supports a range of common headsets from Pioneer, Philips, and Onkyo.

VOX player

Rated ac player for iphone, this system has won laurels for its excellent performance. It pays extra attention to an intuitive and fluid interface. It has been able to get rid of different buttons in the background and works on gestures.

Users can swipe right and left and can change the theme. It comes with a great equalizer and also offers excellent bass and treble. The best thing about the player is that you can easily sync your accounts from Spotify, soundcloud, and LastFM to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Jet Audio

Are you looking for a music player for the iphone that can suit your personality and give you the ease of playing and listening to music? Then this music player is going to be your best companion. Maximum options of playing music are present on the home screen itself. It is easy to operate and offers a wide range of add-on features.

It is known as a dynamic player with a great interface that lets the users enjoy using it. If you want to get rid of excess ads and stop the interference, then you can shop for the paid version of the same. The paid version of this music player also offers some advanced features to enjoy.


Foobar is the first choice of many iphone users out there. It has a great user interface and lets the users enjoy swiping and playing songs. It supports all the major formats of the files and helps you sync easily without any hassles.

One can use the equalizer for a great effect and can also switch channels between stereo and auto. It is a multitasking music system and offers a great grooving experience to let the users have a great leisure time.


If you are a travel freak, you must be well aware that music is one of the most important itineraries to carry along. For a great road trip experience, you need a player to accompany you to enjoy uninterrupted music, right?

This music player is just the best option for the travelers out there. It comes in a landscape mode and makes the users feel comfortable changing songs and swiping through the library. The changing of songs and adjusting the volume is very easy and can be done in a single swipe.

It is free to install and download. Though there are ads in between still this player manages to win hearts because of the simple look.

New Monaural

Apple has proved that it keeps a check on all its users and offers them the best. This music player has been designed for the aurally impaired people who can either listen from one ear or can listen from both but not equally.

The music player transforms stereo or binaural tracks into monaural ones by placing the channels intelligently on each other so that the skilled musicians have a single ear to hear stereo songs. This feature will also provide an ambient sound experience with an available driver on wired and wireless speakers. Alternatively, it would be useful if you want or prefer to use only one side of the earphones or headphones for whatever reason to keep the second ear open for ambient sounds.


Music has always been one of the best parts of our life. People love to listen to their favorite tracks, whether they are feeling sad or happy. To make you enjoy playing songs and grooving to the tunes, Apple has many music players that you can download from. The list is just endless, but all we want is the best for you. These were the best ten music players for the iphone that you can download and enjoy. With each one of them having different features and characteristics, you can use them according to your preference and get going.


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