Health Benefits Of Finger Root


The world is full of different types of vegetables and fruits that offer us the best nutrition and keep us healthy in different ways. If you are a vegetarian, then it becomes essential for you to eat a lot of vegetables that can help you enjoy a balanced diet and stay fit to the core.

Finger root is one of the most important food items that you must inculcate in your everyday life and enjoy being healthy. It is a medicinal plant and is used in several recipes. Many of us also call it ginger as it looks the same, but it is not ginger. It belongs to the ginger family and offers endless health benefits. These are the times going on in which we all are fighting it very hard to beat the pandemic and get the best from our immunity. Finger root can be your best companion in beating it out.

  • Relieves indigestion and flatulence, increases vitality and activates nerves.
  • It tends to have a dissolving effect in the blood clot and possesses antimicrobial and antifungal activity.
  • Diseases such as rheumatism, abdominal pain, febrifuge, gout, gastrointestinal disorders, carminative, stomach ache, dyspepsia, and peptic ulcer are used as a common medicine.
  • Fingerroot is effective against gastric complaints (Diarrhea and worm treatment).
  • It is carminative and thus helps to remove gas from the intestinal tract.
  • It also prevents infection with Helicobacter pylori (usually contained in the stomach by a gram-negative bacterium).

About The Cultivation And Growth Of Finger Root

Fingerroot is grown in Southeast Asia today, typically on smaller farms and in household gardens. While there are a lot of ways in which people love to use the plant in the modern style of cooking there are a number of those who still love to cook according to the old methods.  The way of life ensures the plant continues to be cultivated and used. It is used in several dishes throughout the region including Thailand and Cambodia.

Chinese ginger or fingerroot is an important Southeast Asian medicinal and culinary herb and has many uses; used as a spice in curry dishes, and as a vegetable in Indonesian cuisine.

The bioactive compounds have great potential for medicinal use in the treatment of many diseases.

This plant’s rhizome is a chemo-protective- and antioxidant-enzyme flavonoid inducer and activates genes within flavonoid cells.

Fingerroot is, according to ongoing studies, an excellent candidate in developing a cure for opportunistic fungal infections in AIDS patients.

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Health Benefits Of Finger Root

Now that you know everything about finger root, let us get to know the different health benefits it offers to the users:

It Helps In Curing Constipation

If you suffer from constipation, then you must take finger root in your diet. It will not only help you in regular bowel movements but will also help you get rid of constipation. It has also been seen that the people who suffer from piles get cured with the intake of finger root.

Sexual problems

Are you suffering from displeasure issues in the bed then you must keep in mind to take finger root in salads and veggies. The finger root is a great helper to cure erectile dysfunction problems. It also helps in curing sperm count and the quality of the egg.


The patients who have been suffering from cancer have been given finger root to check the benefits. It was proven by the doctors that they showed signs of improvement. Though it cannot cure your cancer completely, it can slow down the growth rate to give you time in the treatment.

Helps in curing cavities and bad breath

If you feel that you are suffering from issues related to bad breath, then you must include finger root in your diet. It helps in curing the cavities and also helps you enjoy fresh breath. It is also believed that if you keep a small piece of finger root in your mouth then it can heal the issues related to ulcers in the mouth too.

Researchers discover that fingerroot methanol extract and its bioactive compounds exhibited protective effects  in vivo gastric ulceration caused by ethanol in rats. The gastric mucus content was increased, thus reducing the region of gastric ulcer development and inhibiting penetration of leukocytes on the gastric wall. Fingerroot is useful in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

Finger Root Is Known For The Antiviral Properties It Offer To The Patients

In the times when we all are fighting hard with a pandemic, there are medicinal plants that can help in maintaining good immunity. Fingerroot is antiviral and is also very helpful in the treatment of viruses such as cough, infections of the lung, cold and asthma. Chew slices of fingerroot along with areca catechu nuts to handle these viruses.

Helps in giving a fight to excess fat on your body

This has become a major global menace for humans. It is caused by fat accumulation due to poor energy balance and lipid metabolism. It may also cause heart disease and liver disease. The study shows that the mice showed improvement in serum lipid profiles and reduction in fatty liver.

Prevents Colon Cancer

Colon cancer and breast cancer are also the leading cause of death from cancer. While research is underway for the effective cure or anticancer medication to combat these diseases, researchers are still far away due to lack of information on the physiology of these cancers. Current research focuses on the natural herbs which act as an anticancer drug. One is the fingerroot. Zingiber aromaticum and B.rotunda are found to be capable of displaying the growth of colon cancer cells and breast cancer cells.

Heals wounds

Fingerroot rhizome has ethanolic extracts which help accelerate the process of wound healing in rats. The study shows that the wounds that are dressed with rhizome extract as well as intrasite gel quickly healed. It contributes to reduced scar formation. It prevents prevention, and it treats different diseases.

It Gives You Relaxation From Gastro-Intestinal Diseases

This rhizome is used in folk medicine to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach ache, diarrhoea, flatulence, dyspepsia, and colic disorder, due to the potency of fingerroot. Fingerroot can be combined with a number of herbs to give you the best results and can be used to treat constipation and bloating. It is also useful for stomach strengthening. The medicinal plant has proven that it can cure the gas problems related to acidity to the best core. It also helps to eliminate gas from the digestive tract and hence to battle flatulence.

Uses Of Finger Root

Let us have a look at the common and traditional uses of the finger root plant:

  • The root tonic is used as a carminative, stomachic, and cold aid, sore throat, and cough.
  • It is useful in the case of rheumatoid diseases.
  • For people with erectile dysfunction, sexual problems and low sperm counts, the rhizome is helpful.
  • It stops dengue fever from getting chances.
  • To relieve rheumatic pain add rhizomes and broken roots to the sore areas of the body.
  • Internally it is often used to reduce flatulence, enhance digestion and appetite.
  • It is used to treat ailments such as joint pain, rheumatism, peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal disorder, dental caries, dermatitis, diarrhoea, wounds and diuretic diseases.
  • It assists kidney function. Roots and rhizomes are helpful in the treatment of ringworms.
  • Skin diseases are curable with the help of finger root consumption on a regular basis and also offers relief from sinus issues that are affecting your lungs. .
  • It is a treatment for dry mouth and ulcers. It is effective for joint pains, dysentery, rheumatism and diarrhoea.
  • It is also used to heighten male libido. It keeps blood pressure regulated.
  • Helps to ease dysentery.


A lot of attention is being paid in this day and age to the daily use of plants, herbs and spices to profit from all their medicinal, therapeutic and culinary attributes. There are thousands of the gifts of this beneficial nature, but how much do you bother to tap into them? We need to know about these important plants, herbs and spices, as they are very useful for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. This post sheds light on some crucial details about one of those beneficial plants known as fingerroot that you need to know.

This was all about the finger root. Make it a point to consume it regularly and enjoy great health without any hassles.


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