Amazing facts about the largest country in Europe

10 Amazing facts about the largest country in Europe

Europe is one of the busiest tourist sites, and there are the largest countries like France, Spain, Germany, swedan and many others. Among all other countries in Europe, France stands out as the largest and highly popular. France is best known for its great perfumes and romantic site for the couples to visit. France is also called hexagon having with an area of 551.695 square kilometres.

We are here taking a look at ten amazing facts about the largest country located entirely within Europe. If you are keen to learn more about France, consider reading details mentioned below.

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10 Amazing facts about the largest country in Europe

1. France is ranked as a top tourist attraction

France infections accelerate; Spain to close nightclubs and ban public  smoking – as it happened | World news | The Guardian

Are you really eager to learn the french language for flaunting your skills in France? If yes, it is the best thing for you to visit France and practice your French skills. According to tourism reports, France is one of the top tourist attractions. Around 89.3 million people visited France in 2018 and set a record of most visited destination in the world. Paris, also the capital of the country, is the third most visited country in the world following Bangkok and London.

2. You can marry a dead person in France

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Are you an introvert kind of person? France is the best place for you to be getting married as you can marry posthumously in rare cases, lol. According to French law, people are able to marry posthumously by proving the intention of the marriage of the deceased one as well. It is required to take permission from the French president. It is a shocking fact from France, and this incident took place recently when a gay policeman was shot dead on Paris’ Champs-Elysees by a jihadist, and his partner was granted permission to marry posthumously.

3. Hot air balloon, hairdryer and tin cans were invented in France

Paris … | Eiffel tower, Paris, Tour eiffel

You need to thank France for providing so many useful things from hot air balloon to hairdryer. Nicolas Appert, a French inventor, came up with a great plan to make use of sealed glass jars where they can be put into boiling water to preventing food from ruining in 1809. Rene Laennec discovered stethoscope that is a big deal in medical line and helped with an easy examination of the patient in 1816, Alexandre Ferdinand Godefroy gave the world hairdryer that he got patented in 1888. The enormous hot air balloon was given by Montgolfier brothers joseph and Etienne in the year 1793.

4. Supermarkets were banned from throwing food first in France

France bans supermarkets throwing food away | Newstalk

If you are a french, here is something you can be proud of. France became the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from destroying unsold food or throwing then away in February 2016. The French government asked stores to donate excess of foods to charities and needy. Supermarkets bigger than 4305 square feet were suspected of wasting quality foods best. So to prevent any wastage french government imposed a fine up to €75000 or imprisonment for two years. With this incredible rule, not only needy are getting enough food but also keeping dumpster divers in check.

5. First public screening of the movie was by french Lumiere in 1895

December 28, 1895: The cinema is born as Lumiere Brothers hold first  paid-for screening | BT

Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean, the Lumiere brothers, gained enormous exposure for cinematography motion film scheme. also, short films began to be produced in between 1895 to 1905. La sortie des ouvriers de i’usine Lumiere became the debut film to be directed. The audience was flabbergasted seeming the incredible work where the black and white file with five-second duration represented workers leaving the Lumiere factory. Louis Lumiere said, “cinema is an invention without a future”.

6. French came in support of the LGBTQ community in 2013

Our pride is political': Thousands march in Paris for LGBT rights

In the year 2013, France showed support to the LGBTQ community by signing the bill that legalized same-sex marriage. the bill was passed that ranked France as 9th europe’s country and world’s 14th country that legalized LGBTQ community marriages. Going for the polls, 50% of French citizens supported it, and not everyone was in favour of it. However, some took it to streets in protest to defend orthodox family values but love won over so-called family values. So, we can surely count France as a progressive nation who values love and flexible to change themselves according to time.

7. French woman, Jeanne Louise calment was the oldest to ever live

Jeanne Calment Day |

The longest life ever lived for any human was 122 years and 164 days that is fully authenticated age. Jeanne Louis calment lived for 122 years as she was born in 1875 on 21st February and died in 1997 on 4th of august. lady saw human evolution along with development of technology from making of black and white television to manufacturing aeroplanes. Life expectancy in France for men is 79.4 years, whereas, for women, it is 85.3 years. The country is on number 14 among other countries in life expectancy criterion for French people lives lifespan until they turn 83years old. Hence, we can say that it is in France’s water that french people live for the longest time.

8. ‘liberté, égalitié, fraternité’ or ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’ is motto of country

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Around the world, people are always choosing to become happier and nicer to each other. In the revolution happening in the year, 1789-1799, famous french motto appeared. In 1946 and 1958 were written in the constitution. You can even see this logo mentioned in postage stamps, coins and government logos alongside Marianne that represents the triumph of the republic. France tends to lean upon largely on principles followed in napoleon bonaparte’s code civil that began just after the eighteenth century. France has always stood as the greatest nation providing equal rights to citizens and developing nation.

9. France has maximum noble prize winners

French couple presses for a Nobel Prize for climate change

There are fifteen french individuals that have managed to win the prestigious award since 1901. there is no doubt in the aspect that most poets, writers and influential leaders are from france. Sully prudhomme who is french poet and essayist became the first-ever winner of the prestigious award. highly recognized poets, writers, and novelists are Voltaire, Charles Baudelaire, Blaise, pascal, Victor Hugo, Gustave Flaubert and Rene Descartes and Blaise pascal. Hence, France has provided the most influential leaders of all time that are role models to most of us.

10. Louvre is the most viewed museum in the world

Louvre Museum Tours – Which One is Best? - TourScanner

With 9.6 million visitors in 2019, louvre became the most visited museum across the world. Louvre is located in the centre of Paris, and the incredible museum has 38000 works of artefacts and art from prehistoric times. From mona Lisa, venus de milo, and im Pei’s famous glass louvre pyramid that is in the centered. In addition, louvre is known as one of the busiest places in the capital city of the country.


In conclusion, there is no doubt in the aspect France is the largest city in Europe but also an aesthetic one. In addition, the city stands out as the finest for development and influential leaders that have produced over the decades. The capital city Paris has multiple eye-pleasing views and artworks that leave everyone flabbergasted.


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