The Greatest EDM fests of the world

Top 10 Greatest EDM fests of the world

The world has unanimously accepted music and dance as little escape from the mundaneness. Earlier the aggressive drum beats fests had their place. But today’s scenario shows the huge evolution of people’s interests. This era has chosen EDM over anything else. Hence various EDM fests are conducted all over the world for people to get rid of the hardcore and undeniable monotony in life. Few places in the world see the most ecstatic EDM fests which becomes the talk of the world. If you are looking forward to knowing about some amazing EDM fests, then you have stepped in right place. So let’s head-on:

Top 10 Greatest EDM fests of the world

1. Holy Ship

Holy Ship

Parting fests with EDM music is all fine, but how about a moving fest? Yes, this is an exclusive cruise EDM fest where the cruise leaves Port Canaveral in Florida and stops in the Bahamas. Sounds good? But the feeling you can gather if you luckily get the chance to be a part of it can be even better. The capacity of the cruise is over 4000 people. You can choose the cabins as per your will, which seems to range from bare-bones to luxury. The music fest is worth being a part of because you will anyway be making the best memory for life. This fest is known to be one of the most unique ones. The fest takes place somewhere in early January.

2. Nocturnal Wonderland

Nocturnal Wonderland

This fest has changed its name over some time but it also has earned a huge name as of now in the dance and music industry. The event primarily is set up in Southern California and the artists here in the fest have unarguably unique approaches quenching the thirst of a variety of music and dance lovers all over the world. This is an event that takes place on the Labor Day weekend for the sole purpose of refreshing people from within. It was started in the year 1995 and since then, it has continued to be one of the longest-running fests all over the world.

3. The Ark Cruise

The Ark Cruise

This fest is another music dance plus cruise fun. If you seek a perfect holiday and get out of the crap monotonous work life, then this fest would rather be a treat to your soul. The EDM cruise swings to Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca, and Séte and makes the trip worth dancing for. The music artists and the set up makes everything so ecstatic. Anyway, the cruise with amazing EDM set up has barely ceased leveling up its entertainment quotient. Hence, this one has to be there in the list of top EDM fests all over the world. The cruise is ready to bring ecstatic time to people every year around August.

4. Electric Forest

Electric Forest

One of the most famous EDM fests is this one which has been ruling over the hearts of people for a long time. The setup always lives up to the expectation of people and successfully manages to pave a way to the hearts of people. You can find an amazing amalgamation of art, music, colors, and wonderland themes, all in one place. The vibrant place has a lot more to offer than just music and dance, and above all, the forest life presentation of the venue adds up to the liveliness of the fest. It takes place in Rothbury, Michigan, in late June.

5. Mystery Land

Mystery Land

Another EDM originating from the Netherland that represents the evolution of the taste of the music of people across the globe has to be this one.  Mystery land is an amazing fest where the mainstream art form strongly prevails. It has existed for over three decades and still has not lost its charm. The most sought after acts, art forms, music, and dance bring the magic into play. And when you are part of such a partying ground which is serine and at the same time does not even compromise eon the entertainment quotient, then it’s all that you need to groove.

6. Sunburn


This fest has to be one of a kind which takes place in Goa, India. There is amazing energy about this fest that seems to get you the best time that one can have on a beach. If you want to come across an EDM fest that caters to the taste of people across the globe, then definitely this is the one. This wild and crazy fest is 10 years old but still has its place among the most fun EDM fest experience in the world. People look forward to being a part of the fest each year because this is no less than a world tour. After all, you can see music and dance from various parts of the world flocking here.

7. The Croatian Scene

The Croatian Scene

Croatia is one of the youngest nations but it brings out an EDM fest that the whole world is fond of. This festival celebrated the independence of Croatia as a nation. Independence being the essence of the fest, this is a festival where real bass music gets people all over the world grooving. The beaches also add up the miraculous feeling of joy offered by the fest. And this forms an amazing reason for you to love Croatia!

8. Airbeat-One Festival

Airbeat-One Festival

Airbeat one festival takes place in Germany and conducts 150 acts where superstars from across the globe. The impressive visual and awe-inspiring music can give you a time worth cherishing for a lifetime. Excellent setting and the tropical theme is the best for a group of friends filling their lungs with energetic vibes to groove all way.

9. Cirque Magique

Cirque Magique

This fun fest takes place in Ledegem of Belgium on 1st or 2nd August. The surreal electronic dance music with the setting of a circus never ceases to excite an individual from within. You can have the truest grooving fest and at the same time, you can also visualize amazing magic acts. Luscious food items, camping, music and beverages, and what not! Sound like a fun evening? Undoubtedly it is one.

10. Tomorrowland


The Boom, Belgium witnesses the amalgamation of colors, music, art forms, and a commendable level of energy in the Tomorrowland around mid-July. This is another great EDM fest which tends to satiate the music and party lovers across the globe. The DJ’s will be playing music and showing art forms which can in no case cease to bring in a magical atmosphere. And, this has to in the list because it has all of that in it!


Hence, these were few EDM fests handpicked especially to let our readers get enlightened about the best 10 of them which have got the eyeballs of people all over the world. If you have always loved partying or you are in serious need of an escape, then being a part of these above-listed fests can be immensely rewarding.


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