Things to Consider While Buying a Recliner for Your New House


If you are planning to buy a recliner then you might have envisioned your dream recliner. The imagination might be something like a big, soft seat with leather cushioning.  A recliner usually offers relief, comfort along with increasing the aesthetic appeal of your apartment. In the last one or two decades technology has advanced a lot, so the design and comfortability factor of a recliner has also been morphed by the makers. There are several factors that you need to consider before buying a recliner.

Things to check while Buying a Recliner for your house

Select the Perfect Size

Always keep in mind the space that you have allotted in your house for the recliner that you are going to buy. Along with the physical space in the room, also consider your body shape so that you fit well in that recliner. Sit on it to experience whether you fit well in that before buying one. Remember that the better the chair will fit you, the more comfort you will get. Mainly there are three types of recliners, small recliners (having width of 39” or less), standard recliners (having approximate 40” width) and oversized recliners (having 50” or more width).

Price of the Product

The more you spend, the quality of the recliner will also improve. A recliner is more than a chair. It will support your back while making you feel relaxed. More technologies are used to enhance the features offered by a recliner and that automatically increase the price of a product. Usually a recliner costs between 250 USD to 5000 USD. So, always fix a certain budget before going to buy one. If you pay a good amount of money you will get a product made by using highly durable and comfortable material. If you are looking for the best options then you must check for recliner reviews for small people which price usually lies in between $800 and $2000 to get guaranteed comfort and durability.

Preferred Style

There are several different types of recliners to choose from. No matter how your dream one looks , it’s better to have an idea before buying one. Get your priorities right. Narrow down the preference by deciding whetehr you want a comfy sink-in recliner or you want to put the aesthetic appeal of your interior designing first. Two of the most loved designs of recliners are two position recliner and push back reclienr. The two position recliner has only two positions either completely upright or fully inclined.  In this type of recliner you need to push a power button to push the chair back. On the other hand, while sitting on a push back recliner you need not press the power button. The chair will be flattened with the push from the back of your body.

Used Material

The making material palys a very important role in guaranteeing comfort. Along with the outside features the fabricand the leather that is used to make recliners also varies from model to model. Fabric recliners are mostly made by using velvet, chenille and other materials. These types of recliners get stained easily and require high maintenance. Leather recliners don’t just look good but they are highlyu comfortable too. They also look more expensive than a fabric recliner. One of the biggest disadvantages of a leather recliner is that the product is prone to scratches.

Mechanism for Inclination

While buying a recliner it is better to know the inclination mechanism. Manually controlled recliners use spring based technology, while some expensive ones use quiet motor systems for smoother transition to reclined position.

Features Included in the Recliner

With the increasing demand several features are included in the recliners. A modern day recliner chair often has a built-in beverage holder so that you can relax while having a drink after a tiring day. Want to spend your leisure time while watching a movie or scrolling through the internet on your mobile phone then select a recliner that comes with a tray. On the tray you can keep your laptop and even some food to eat. If you are buying a recliner powered by a motor, make sure that it comes with a wireless battery. Ensure that all these features are present in the recliner that you are planning to buy.

Frame Material

Under all that technology and the fabric there is another very imporatnt aspect of a recliner that you need to consider. You will not be able to see the frame and the material used in forming the inner structure. Look for a recliner whose frame is made from hardwood or stainless steel.


Choosing the right recliner is very important to gain the comfort that you are seeking. Every recliner chair available in the market has different features, so know the features of the recliner chairs that you are planning to buy. Thought process is very important while purchasing a recliner. The more you will think before purchasing, the happier you will be with this latest addition. Hope this guide is helpful. Remember the points mentioned in this article and get the best suited recliner in your home.

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