Know The Amazing Benefits Of Watermelon Rind

Health Benefits of Watermelon Rind

Watermelon is an extensive fruit that belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae and is distributed in tropic and sub-tropic regions. Watermelon is mainly rich in vitamins and has a good amount of phytochemicals. It contains 92% water.

Have you heard about watermelon rind? Do you know how it is useful? Watermelon Rind is green in color and has a tough outer surface. It is juicier as it contains a huge percentage of nutrients. It has a strong amount of Vitamin A, C, B6, potassium, and zinc and it contains low calories. It is encumbered with amino acids, lycopene, chlorophyll, flavonoids, citrulline, and phenolic compounds.  

Major Nutrients of Watermelon Rind

Vitamin B1102.50%
Vitamin B2208.46%
Vitamin B326.56%
Vitamin B6410.77%
Vitamin C9.40%
Vitamin A7447.14%

Can You Consume Watermelon Rind? 

As per Brenna Wallance, a registered dietician, says mbg, that you should consume watermelon rind. Also, as per Ella Davar, watermelon rinds have been used since Egyptian times. Hence, she also states that consuming watermelon rind is becoming more conventional due to the increase in environmental awareness and zero-waste movements.

Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon Rind That You Must Know

Helps to cure cancer 

Having a strong presence of lycopene it serves as an antioxidant that helps to cure your cancer. It is needed to conduct the study to determine the relationship between lycopene and the prevention of cancer. Watermelon Rind consists of diuretic properties that help to maintain the urinary tract so that they remain healthy and work effectively.

Chronic Illnesses

As watermelon rind consists of citrulline and lycopene, it helps in supporting the neutralization of free radicals before it causes cellular mutation and leads to long-lasting sickness.

Leads in Healthy pregnancy

As per the research conducted, it has been discovered that watermelon rind consists of natural sugar that aid to reduce morning sickness and swelling related to pregnancy because it has a strong presence of potassium.

Helps to improve immunity

Did you know that if you consume 1 cup of rind juice it will help you to boost your immunity? It is because it provides more than 30% of Vitamin C which is good for your health. But how Vitamin C helps to strengthen immunity? Vitamin C protects from infection as well as pathogens that arouse in white blood cells.

Helps in maintaining blood pressure

Watermelon Rind helps in maintaining blood pressure as it consists of a large amount of potassium. While maintaining the blood pressure and reducing stress, it decreases the chances of heart attack, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and strokes.

Helps to lose weight

Having low calories can help you to lose weight. Having a great source of fiber and consisting of low calories, watermelon rind help to boost metabolism and promote fat burning which results in weight loss.

Makes Skin healthy

To reduce free radical effects and oxidative anxiety, watermelon rind offers a good amount of antioxidants, lycopene, and flavonoids. It helps to make skin healthy by reducing wrinkles, age spots, and the appearance of blemishes.  

Helps to break kidney stones

The presence of potassium in watermelon rind acts as an important element to keep kidneys healthy by maintaining and regulating the acid level. Having high content of water helps to break kidney stones that may be present in the kidneys.

Good for Eyes

Watermelon rinds also have a good presence of carotenoids which helps to keep the eyes healthy and improves sightedness.

Unknown Facts about Watermelon

Nutritious and delicious

Watermelon is considered one of that food that helps to keep your body healthy and fit. Consuming a slice of watermelon not because it is delicious but also it is nutritious. It nourishes your body and makes your bones healthy. Also, it keeps your body hydrated especially during the summer season as it contains 92% of water. Watermelon consists of anti-inflammatory properties that are connected with bone and cardiovascular health as well.

All Watermelons are not the same

It has been observed that most people think all watermelons are the same but it is not. There are many classes of watermelons that share similar archetypes. There are 1200 different varieties of watermelon which has various sizes, shapes, and color. Moons and Stars is one of the popular watermelons that has been grown among heirloom growers. This watermelon has deep green disperse with yellow dots. Another watermelon, Golden Midgets has yellow skin and only grows in three pounds which is seamless to store in the refrigerator. This implies that all watermelons are not the same as it has different variety and not restricted to external appearances.

Not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Some watermelons are seedless and are not genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Seedless watermelon is the product of hybridization which is a farming technique that has been applied for centuries. Seedless watermelons are not completely seedless as it contains white seeds coats which are not developed but are good to eat. It has a different number of chromosomes because it is hybrid fruit raised through cross-pollination of two diverse species of watermelon.

You Can Consume Whole

Do you know you can consume the whole watermelon along with the rind? Yes, you read it right. While watermelon is edible as it is closely related to cucumbers. Watermelon rinds are used as a pickle in the southern United States. Also, several recipes can be prepared from watermelon rind and they are delicious.

Considered as both fruit and vegetable

Watermelon is considered as both fruit and vegetable. As watermelon is sweet and has seeds it is considered as fruit but on the other hand, it is also related to cucumber, pumpkin, and squash which are mostly consumed as vegetables.

Can be Consumed by Dogs

Watermelon can be consumed safely by the dogs. Most importantly, take care that you should them only slices not seed or the rind. Watermelon consists of water, Vitamins A and C, magnesium, and potassium.

Cultivated over 96 countries

Watermelon is cultivated in over 96 countries. It includes Brazil (2%), Turkey (4%), United States (2%), Egypt (1%), Iran (4%), Russia (1%), China (67%), and in rest of the world (19%). As per the statistics, it can easily depict that watermelon is majorly grown in China.

Common Facts about Watermelon

  • Watermelon has 1200 varieties across the world.
  • Originated in South Africa
  • A huge amount of Lycopene
  • Watermelon cubes are grown in Japan
  • Out of 50, 44 states have grown watermelon in the United States.
  • 268.8 pounds of watermelon was grown by Lloyd bright which is the largest watermelon grown till date.

Exciting Recipes That Can be Prepared from Watermelon

How to Make Watermelon Lemonade


  • 1 Large Watermelon
  • 250ML Lemon Juice
  • 1L soda water
  • 100g sugar
  • A small pinch of mint
  • Mashed Ice
  • Small slices of lime (1)


Step 1:

Cut the watermelon and make it hollow with the help of a spoon. Use a sieve to mash the flesh and pour it into the bowl. Mix the flesh with lemon juice and add some sugar and later stir in soda.

Step 2:

Mix the crushed ice into the watermelon which is hollow-cut and mix the lemon juice in it. Add some lime and mint to serve it in the jug. Place some more ice on the table so that people can add more if needed.

2. Watermelon Ice-Cream


  • 1 watermelon
  • Kiwis


Step 1: 

Cut the watermelon into halves and take out the flesh into the bowl. Stir the flesh with the help of a hand blender. Fill the half bowl with crushed ice and insert the sticks into it. Freeze of at least 3-4 hours or else keep it overnight.

Step 2: 

Use 3 kiwis and peel the green flesh from the white core. Add 4-5mm of a layer on the top and keep it in the refrigerator for 1 hour. To make it as dark as watermelon rind, add green coloring to it. Discharge a thin layer from the top and freeze it until you consume it.

Side effects of watermelon rind

Did you know that watermelon rind has some side effects? It is beneficial for health but on the other hand, it can have some side effects. It is described as below:

  • If consumed in large amount, it can lead to injury in the stomach and spleen which may result in diarrhea and other diseases.
  • It should be consumed by patients who are dealing with cold in the stomach and spleen.


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