Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private

Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private

Whenever you are sitting on your computer and surfing the Internet, there is a point when this feeling comes in your mind that you are being watched. Yes, there are a lot of agencies that keep an eye on your work. They make sure that there is no activity going on that is against the rules. This gives Goosebumps as you never know a website that you opened by mistake and land you in the office of the secret services for interrogation.

Sounds creepy? Yes!! It is

But what to do as the Internet is the things without which you cannot sustain. So to avoid this panicking situation, some private browsers are anonymous and help you browse without any hassles.

Privacy is the most important thing you need to make sure to get to enjoy. Thus we have collected the best anonymous browsers that can help you with private browsing. They are entirely safe and will not hinder in your sessions at all.


Let us take a quick look at these browsers and how they work.

But Before We Get On With It Let Us First Understand That Why You Need A Private Web Browser?

The websites that you surf on a daily basis are not at all completely safe. There are a lot of hackers out there who are trying to get your personal information and then use it for their benefits. Not only this but there are your family members also who to make sure you are not doing anything illegal can check through the history of your computers. So to enjoy using the Internet without any interference from any unwanted external source, it is advisable to use private browsers.

You might be thinking that until and unless you provide the permission, how can someone check which sites you are using or what is your information and all. So my dear!! This is very quickly done when you accept the cookies of websites. This can also be done when you connect your phone with your laptop and use it. Hackers can very quickly get inside the phone memory and can also get the banking information out.

So if you want to be safe and miles away from any notorious activity, then all you need are the private browsers.

Four Anonymous Web Browsers For Private Usage Of Internet

No matter which browser you operate on, be it chrome or Mozilla the privacy is not 100%. You cannot be sure whether your personal information has been shared with other secret agencies or not. But there are private browsers to help you out. You can browse your internet channels, and no one will be able to detect anything from your system. All you need to use a private browser is a good VPN, and you are all set.

Here is a rundown of four best anonymous browsers that can help you prevent your privacy from getting compromised.

Epic Browser

You might not have heard the name before but trust us this is the most widely used private browser. It is a private and secure web browser that comes loaded with all the privacy setting pre-installed. Without saving your history, his browser can be used to surf any data. Furthermore, it automatically deletes all personal data and passwords you use.

They are not the standard safety measures for browsers that you must set up before browsing the Internet.

This browser does nothing but only disables everything for which you might have given permission, and hence your privacy is optimised. Most browsers don’t always use the professional ‘onion network.’ It is a browser that disables and rejects privacy caches and cookies on different websites. Both Windows and Mac users are open to use this browser without any hassles.

Comodo Dragon Browser

Yes!! This might sound absurd to you that you have never even heard of these names, and now you are planning to use them. Don’t worry, they are safe and are being used by millions of users out there.

And the best thing is that no one is going to force you to stick to the browser. You are your boss. You can easily switch on to using your same old browser whenever you feel that comodo is not the one for you.

This is one of the best browsers that can be used to give a boost to your surfing on the Internet. It offers an excellent and safe experience to the users for private browsing. The browser comes loaded with a lot of features for you to enjoy. The privacy settings are all pre-loaded so that you do not have to read everything and spend a lot of time setting things up.

The browser checks on the validation of the SSL certificates of the websites you are planning to use and then gives it a green flag whether you can enter them safely or not. It blocks your personal information from sharing and offers complete private browsing.

If you are looking for a browser that is safe, easy to use has an excellent user interface and will not make your privacy compromised at any cost, then this is the best option for you. Just get the set up ready, and you are all set to use it.

 Tor Browser

The only goal in mind that was kept as a priority by the makers was to help the users with privacy issues. Ever wondered why do you keep getting those spam mails in your mailbox. Or how do the customer care department people get to know about you?

Have you ever thought that when you search for anything on Google, then how does Instagram starts showing ads related to the same? This means that your privacy is being compromised. The websites you are surfing are being controlled and checked on.

When you cannot just give your mobile number to an anonymous person, then how can you even think of sharing your complete information on different websites and that too without your acceptance. This sounds horrible and scary.

This is a private web browser designed to secure the history, location, personal data and all messages that you send and receive online.

Like the previous alternative, this browser also works by protecting your private information automatically, including your contacts and online messages.

The browser uses an entirely different system of servers that do not allow third-parties or programmes to view or use your e-mail messages. This is like the angel of your web guardian – it will not provide someone with access to your settings or history.

To save yourself from any illegal activities, you need to use a private browser as the standard browser, share your information to online shopping networks and also at a lot of other websites.

Tor’s an excellent shield against this whole thing and acts like your knight in shining armour to protect you from all odds. It sends your traffic through countless tunnels and relays and makes traffic analysis software challenging to track every pass. It makes a labyrinth that keeps your data safe, so the US Navy and law enforcement agencies use this browser most commonly.

The best thing is – to use apps in various ways you don’t have to update regularly. A portable app that can be downloaded and placed on a USB stick is included in the browser. But you need the USB stick everywhere you go and which device you use, and you are good to go.

Utopia Ecosystem

In the end, we have the Utopia Ecosystem that you might also have heard with the name idyll browser. This one is the first choice of many out there who love to enjoy surfing in a private mode.

Your privacy is the most crucial thing, and you would not love to get it sacrificed for anything. Then why to work on normal browser and keep yours as an open book. Turn out for private browsers and feel the difference. There is nothing that the private browsers stop you from doing. They only work on the backend and fight with the ones who try to take out information from your browsing.

The browser makes sure that the information is not being shared on the third-party platform and stops any naughty activity that it notices gong on with you.


These were the four web browsers that are entirely safe to use and will not let anyone come between you and your private information. No one has the right to share your information without your acceptance, and this is what these browsers help you with.


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