Alternatives to a Coupon Code on Amazon Orders


It’s very difficult to find an Amazon coupon code. Unfortunately, Amazon just doesn’t typically provide any coupons that you could easily apply to your overall order. However, even if you can’t currently find a coupon code, there are still a significant number of ways you can save on your Amazon purchase. Here are four alternatives to a sitewide coupon that you can use after you’ve looked for an Amazon promo code.

1. Sitewide Promotions

Although promo codes might not have a huge spot in the world of Amazon discounts, promotions are a huge part of the way that Amazon does business. For example, Amazon regularly manages huge blowout promotions during Black Friday and Prime Day, with other promotions also often available throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these sitewide coupons, as they may entice other individuals to try something different with how they list and price their products.

2. Individual Coupon Codes

Sitewide coupon codes may be fairly difficult to come across at Amazon, but individual coupon codes definitely aren’t. These are coupon codes that you can apply to a specific item or order to get an extra discount on it. These individual coupon codes aren’t difficult to apply; oftentimes, you just have to select a small box when you make the purchase. 

3. Individual Sales

Similarly to individual coupon codes, sellers can also choose whether they want to put their products on sale individually. These individual sales are a great way to make sure that you’re buying a product at its absolute lowest price, as many sales bring a product’s price to the lowest it will be in months. Check for product prices that have a strikethrough over them. This strikethrough means that the product is usually listed at that price, but is currently available at a price that may be much lower.

4. Cash Back Purchases

If you just can’t find any other ways of reducing the price of your Amazon order, you might want to check for ways to save using cash back credit cards. Whether you’re using the special Amazon cash back card or you’re using another credit card that you regularly use, these credit cards can be a great way for you to get an additional “discount” that’s essentially the amount of cash back you receive when using them. You can use cash back credit cards for any of your purchases, making them a good option to save a little bit extra on many orders.


Amazon is well-known for its great prices and incredible deals, but many people don’t know whether they can get a discount that’s even better than the one listed on the Amazon website. If you’re looking to get a better deal with Amazon promo codes, these four options are all great. Although they might not be sitewide coupon codes, they are all great ways to save extra money on your Amazon purchases, regardless of what you’re buying from the company.


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